Analogue is making a 4K Nintendo 64

Full N64 Compatibility

The Analogue 3D promises 100% compatibility with all N64 games and accessories from every region.

4K Visuals

Experience your favorite N64 games in 4K resolution or accurate CRT monitor recreations.

Wireless 8BitDo Controller

A new wireless controller from 8BitDo with original N64 styling will be sold alongside the Analogue 3D.

2024 Release Date

Analogue is targeting a 2024 launch for the Analogue 3D after 3 years in development.

FPGA Replicates N64

FPGA technology allows the Analogue 3D to functionally replicate original Nintendo 64 hardware.

More Details Coming Soon

Analogue has yet to reveal the price, full specs and hardware design but promises more details are imminent.  

Highly Anticipated 

Retro gaming enthusiasts are excited for Analogue's take on the Nintendo 64, which is hard to emulate properly.

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