Astronomy Events on 7 November 2023

Crescent Moon by Venus

Before sunrise on Nov. 7, look for the crescent moon 20° above Venus in the southeast.

Venus Approaching Virgo Stars

Venus steps eastward in front of Virgo, passing Zaniah on Nov. 13 and Porrima on Nov. 17.

Brilliant Jupiter Low in West

Bright Jupiter is low in the west after its opposition, setting around midnight.

Saturn High After Sundown

Saturn is over 30° up in the south-southeast an hour after sunset near Deneb Algedi.

Jupiter Rises in East Evening

Bright Jupiter rises in the east in the evening, reaching the south around midnight.

Earthshine on Crescent Moon

Use binoculars before sunrise to see earthshine softly illuminating the moon's dark side.

Mars and Mercury Absent 

Mars and Mercury are not visible in the evening sky, hidden by the sun's glare.

Lightning on Venus It’s rare if it exists