Massive comet with horns approaches Earth

Comet's Twin

This massive comet carries a unique secret - an active volcano perched atop it. Approximately the size of a city, this comet harbours a volcano set to erupt again.

Cryovolcanic Comet

Categorized as a cryovolcanic comet, its core comprises gas, dust and ice, collectively called "cryomagma.

Comet's Coma Expands

The comet has shown further expansion and development of its distinctive "horns." Some experts have drawn comparisons,

Nucleus Shape Comet's 

Experts attribute the irregular shape of the coma to anomalies in the comet's nucleus. Prolonged expansion of gases within the comet shape its irregular form.

Towards Inner Solar System

Comet 12P is moving towards the inner regions of our solar system, destined to continue its orbit and slingshot toward the Sun. 

Captivates Earth in 2024

This extraordinary celestial phenomenon will captivate Earth's residents on April 21, 2024, before sending the comet back toward the outer solar system.

Rare Comet

Notably, comet 12P will not return until 2095 after its 2024 passage near Earth.

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