Milky Way's Warp Linked to Tilted Dark Matter Halo

Milky Way Warped 

The Milky Way's disk is warped in shape, twisted like a frisbee bent by a child.

Dark Matter Halo

Harvard astronomers calculated the dark matter halo around the Milky Way likely has a football shape and tilt.

Halo Shape

The tilted football-shaped dark matter halo matches the Milky Way's warped disk.

Dark Matter Hold

Though invisible, dark matter's gravity prevents galaxies like ours from flying apart when rotating quickly.

Halo Extends 

The Milky Way's dark matter halo stretches far beyond the halo of visible stars around the galactic disk.

Galaxy Mergers  

The tilted shape implies the Milky Way merged with other galaxies during its evolution.

Dark Matter Properties

Studying the halo shape provides insights into the nature of dark matter particles.

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