New Super Mario Bros Wonder Not Influenced by Film


Nintendo developers wrote blogs stating Super Mario Bros. Wonder was not influenced by The Super Mario Bros.

Graphical Improvements

The graphical overhaul in Super Mario Bros. Wonder stems from Switch's more powerful hardware, not the movie's character designs.

Richer Budget 

Nintendo dedicated ample resources to crafting expressive character models and animations for Wonder, unrelated to the film.

2D Format Limits

Nintendo built highly detailed 3D models for characters, though many nuances won't be seen due to the 2D gameplay format.

Tezuka and Kondo

Only producers Tezuka and Kondo at Nintendo had knowledge of the movie's content during Wonder's development.

Disappointing Moviegoers

Nintendo ensured Wonder would satisfy gamers who saw the Mario movie, though the developers lacked movie details.

Blogs Covered 

Nintendo's blogs provided insights into graphical changes, character origins like Elephant Mario, and more for Wonder.

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