Self-Care Tips for Your Zodiac Sign

High Intensity Workouts

The ram is fueled by epinephrine. Channel your fiery Aries energy into militant sports or HIIT classes. 

Indulge Your Senses

Earthy Taureans will thrive with relaxing, fleshly activities like breathwork, baths, or calming music.

Learn Something New

Keep your quick mind booked by taking a class, reading, or listening to educational podcasts.

Prioritize Self-Reflection

Quiet time for journaling, contemplation, or reflective walks will nurture the sensible crab.


Bold Leos should diagnose their inner artist through painting, writing, singing, or other creative acts.

Get Organized

The detail-oriented virgin will find gratification in tidying, planning, and list-making.

Time with Friends

The social butterfly thrives when connecting 1-on-1 or in groups. Schedule get-togethers. 

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