Volcanic Comet 12P/Pons-Brooks Towards Earth

Comet Erupts Again

The cryovolcanic comet 12P/Pons-Brooks exploded again, emitting a horn-like cloud of gas and ice.

Expanding Coma 

The coma around 12P expanded after eruption, growing peculiar horns likely due to the nucleus' shape.

Heading Towards Earth

12P is hurtling toward the inner solar system. Will pass Earth in 2024 and return in 2095.

Cryovolcanic Comets

Comets like 12P contain cryomagma - a mix of dust, gas and ice that erupts when heated.

Irregular Nucleus Shape

The coma's odd horns are likely caused by gas flow being obstructed by the nucleus' irregular shape.

Gigantic Comet

With a diameter of 18.6 miles, 12P is as big as a city and becomes visible to the naked eye when near Earth.

Rare Eruption Events

12P's dramatic eruptions are a rare chance to observe a cryovolcanic comet in action.

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