Zodiac Signs Struggling This Week


Aries, you feel impatient and irritable this week. Take time for yourself and don't try to force things. Deep breathing helps restore calm.  


Sensitive Cancers may feel anxious and moody this week. Soothe emotions through journaling, meditation


Libras struggle with indecision this week. List pros and cons before making choices. Ask a trusted advisor for input.


Capricorns are overwhelmed with responsibilities. Make a to-do list and tackle one task at a time. Say no to nonessential duties.


Quirky Aquarius feels out of sync with others. Focus on your own needs and desires. The mood will pass.


Stubborn bulls clash with authority figures right now. Compromise when you can and stand firm if values are at stake.


Drama queens Leos crave attention this week. Channel your creativity in positive ways and wait out the spotlight craving.  

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